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Have you fallen victim to misrepresentation?

Countless UK businesses routinely engage energy brokers to fulfill their energy requirements, serving as intermediaries between your business and the energy supplier.

If you’ve enlisted the services of an energy broker, it’s possible they have covertly incorporated undisclosed commissions into your energy agreements without providing transparent clarification.

By law, energy brokers are obligated to reveal any commissions they receive. Nevertheless, numerous brokers have, over time, disseminated deceptive information or concealed their financial incentives.

Our interactions with business owners indicate that more than 90% have engaged the services of an energy broker. Our typical compensation claim surpasses £25,000, with certain businesses being eligible for multimillion-pound energy compensation.

We estimate that over 2 million businesses could be entitled to compensation, and we’re here to streamline the energy claims process for you.

How are energy brokers mis-selling?

Did your energy broker tell you how much in total they made from arranging your business contract? In our experience most don’t, and there’s normally a good reason for that. Brokers know that if they had to fully disclose they would not make anything like the kind of commissions they do if they were transparent, after all would you sign up to a deal if you knew a significant chunk of your bill was going to your broker? They may even have told you that the service was free, or that the broker got their commission from the supplier as an “introducers fee” or words to that effect. Typically, most brokers receive their commission directly from the supplier they place you with, and it is built into the unit price they arrange for you. Often, this is not disclosed to the customer.

Here's a Practical Illustration of the Process:

  • Actual Energy Cost: 10 pence per kilowatt-hour (10 p/kWh)
  • Energy Broker Commission: 1 pence per kilowatt-hour (1 p/kWh)

When you engage with Energy Broker services following a commission-based model, here's what your billing statement reflects:

  • Your bill displays a total of 11 pence per kilowatt-hour (11 p/kWh), which you pay directly to the energy supplier.

This simple breakdown clarifies how the energy broker’s commission seamlessly becomes a part of your energy costs, often without transparent disclosure.

What an average claim looks like:

  • Hidden Commissions: The energy broker did not disclose the 1 pence per kilowatt-hour (1 p/kWh) commission they were earning from the energy supplier, which was included in ABC Manufacturing Ltd’s energy rates.
  • Failure to Inform: ABC Manufacturing Ltd was not informed of the presence of this hidden commission when they signed the energy contract.
  • Financial Impact: Over the duration of the contract, ABC Manufacturing Ltd overpaid by a total of £25,000 due to the undisclosed commission.


A medium size Manufacturing company pursued a claim against XYZ Energy Ltd, seeking compensation for the undisclosed commission and overpayment. After investigation and negotiations, XYZ Energy Ltd agreed to reimburse ABC Manufacturing Ltd the full £25,000 overcharged amount.

This example represents a typical scenario where a business discovers hidden commissions in their energy contract, leading to a substantial claim against the energy supplier for compensation. Claims can vary widely in size and complexity, but this serves as an illustration of a common situation.